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Coach ADHD kids tennis and Archery

Tennis and Archery are the right sports for kids with inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive minds
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ADHD-Tennis is located in Bay Area, California,USA. This non-profit organization was founded by Jian (Jose) Li in 2006. Coach Jose is a tennis teaching professional certified by US Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).  He authored ebook  "Free Forehand" (truely free, from Scribd),  Coach Jose received WILSON AMBASSADOR TEAM Sponsorship as Advisory Staff .
Margaret Li joined ADHD-Tennis in 2015, as an assistant manager/coach. She has been assigned as summer camp director, starting 2016 summer, she leads new activities in helping needed kids on learning Archery with Las Altos Hills Archery Club. She is in USA Archery Association level 1 coach certified in 2017.  Her passion is to help needed kids in sports.
Grace Li is the CEO/Founder of The Jewel Paradise foundation. This foundation started in 2016. Our foundation makes jewelry for children who have deadly diseases. The money you donate to this non-profit organization is to fund materials we need. 


Coach ADHD kids tennis:


 a. Encorage parents to join coaching

 b. Use visual cue for instruction

 c. Provide mind drills


Do you know Federer contact ball twice?


The 1st contact is a virtual contact, by using his racquet cap.   The most of value added motion for a lethal forehand happens between this two contact: virtual and real contacts !

The 1st contact setups the 2nd contact, to ensure the quality of his forehand.

Here is an article I wrote on "virtual contact" for free.