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Coach ADHD kids tennis and Archery

Tennis and Archery are the right sports for kids with inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive minds
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Forehand is the most difficult stroke!           You can download my ebook "Free Forehand" here free             
                                        (a) align racket butt to the ball                      (b) shouder drive arm
                                     (c) contact to sweet spot                                      (d) lift up racket
                                              (e) wip and throw                                           (f)  follow through to finish

   There are 4 key sub-strokes in modern forehand:  a) pull, b) forearm rotate to contact,c) wipe and  d) wrap finish
        (a).pull the racket butt by rotating body core                           (b).use shoulder drive and forearm rotate to contact
      (c). lift, push and wipe to "throw" the ball                                               (d). free arm wraping the shoulder     
   Forehand is NOT done by swing.   Forehand is done by Catch and Throw.    Here is another link to my instruction :
   "Racquet cap "vertual contact" in forehand"vertual contact.docx