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Coach ADHD kids tennis and Archery

Tennis and Archery are the right sports for kids with inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive minds
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"...very interesting on tennis positive impact to ADHD..."  


            - Alex Edward Colligan, High Performance coach (



"... Interesting..."         -  Mike Galli, President, USPTA Norcal 

"Nice article on ADHD-Tennis. More coaches need to be aware of how to teach/coach to kids that have different needs. To many coaches only teach one way and don't understand that you can't fit a square peg into a round hole.(I'm big into learning modalities)"

           - Susan F. Nardi, Founder of Tennis School  (




"I am pleased to hear that you will help in this very important cause to bring Tennis-For the Health of it! to the public. I am especially interested in your work with ADD/ADHD kids." 


   - Jack Groppel,  USPTA master coach (WWW.USPTA.ORG)


"I really think your site is wonderful. What a great way for ADHD kids to use their energy in a fun and great way!"
 - Jeffery Counts, founder (
"I checked out your website and what a great idea! So great you are being positive and proactive in your community."
 - Clint Stephenson, founder (
"Very innovative idea and high tech way to teach kids playing tennis. Hope our next generation can play better tennis and enjoy more fun than us with the help of ADHD"
 - Jimmy Zhao, Dragon Tennis Club,founder
"Great Website!! I really like all your videos on your site!"
 - Todd Dissly, Director/founder Las Gatos Tennis Academy,(
"It is an interesting web site"
 -Maria Shall, Physical Therap/Sports Psychology Expert (
"Great Jose"
 -Jenn Bulka, founder,audiology therapist for ADD kids
"...curious to know if you can share info..."
   - R. Spurling, tennis director of Woodland Golf Club, MA (
"...we would like to hear from you more."
                    -Dr. Suzann Wang, Naturopathic physician
"... congratulations on the great things you are doing for adhd and autistic kids..."
                     - Roger Darrohn, Director of operation
"I have not think about it. It is good idea"
 - Robin,  group owner of ADHD & US (5000 members)